Sunday, October 7, 2012

Czech prodigy set to sign for Negeri Sembilan?

 Artur Vlastislavic, Czech hotshot striker

With Negeri Sembilan's season effectively being over after being knocked out of the Piala Malaysia quarterfinals, the transfer rumour mill is at full swing, with Farizal Marlias having been already being confirmed to join Perak for next season. With the contract status of Jean-Emmanuel Effa Owona and Marian Farbak being major unknowns, the name Artur Vlastislavic has popped up, touted as a possible player to fully utilise the foreign player rules

 Vlastislavic is an 18-year-old Czech striker, who can also function as an attacking midfielder. Born in the town of Karviná in the year 1994, Vlastislavic was spotted by MFK Karviná scouts while he was playing in a regional football competition, during which he was the youngest player of the tournament at a tender age of 7. He joined the club's academy, and started playing in the U18 league at the age of 14. During this time, he bagged an impressive total of 102 goals after making 89 appearances, a club record. Vlastislavic has clearly impressed the manager, who persuaded him to sign a pre-contract deal when he was 16

However, Czech giants Sparta Prague caught wind of this raw talent, and snapped him up a year later. He is yet to feature in the first team so far, but he has been banging them in while playing for the U18 team, scoring 34 goals in 29 appearances. An ankle injury suffered while training last January has hampered his progress, but expect him to return to form once he recovers

Sources in Czech Republic state that scouts from several Malaysian teams, including Negeri Sembilan, were spotted at recent matches involving Sparta Prague's U18 team, apparently casting an eye on Vlastislavic. It remains to be seen whether these rumours hold any water, but should they be true, expect him to wear the yellow of Negeri Sembilan as the sources also indicated only the scout from Negeri Sembilan was present in all the matches mentioned
if you actually believe this I feel sorry for you