Wednesday, December 29, 2010

immature mentality

enough is enough, I suppose

ever since we won 3-0 against Indonesia, some immature Indonesians have attacked Malaysian pages on Facebook, hacked our websites, and (according to a source) misled the world into hating Malaysia

this is just a game, okay? no need to get too riled up over it

they say we cheat. how? did we do a Maradona? did we Cristiano Ronaldo all over the place? so some of our fans (immature, I might add) shone lasers onto your goalkeeper. fine, you may have a point if the goals came from set pieces BEFORE the 'walk-off'. but since we scored AFTER the incident, this theory holds no water whatsoever

if you insist, here's a video showing who started the laser show first :


so yeah, you guys started it. but we never complained, we blamed defensive frailties for the goals. we must be professional in accepting defeat

my school has been organizing student exchange programs with Indonesia. if I was picked to be among those students, I would be wary. there are nutjobs who are out to kill Malaysians, especially after this

on the claims we use bomohs and itching powder, I shall strike these down with 2 points :

1. if Malaysia have been using bomohs, wouldn't we be winning the World Cup for a few times now?
2. surely the itching powder must have affected our custodian, Khairul Fahmi Che Mat at some point during the game?

these accusations are totally baseless. I would like to reiterate that this is just a game. no need to make death threats or anything

I understand that not all Indonesians are like this. in fact, some of them are quite nice. but these morons certainly tarnish the image of their fellow countrymen, which I think is unfair

did we make any noise when we lost 5-1? no, right? so we expect the same from you guys

let us just get on with the game

peace out

UPDATE : I am of the knowledge that certain reports say that Mahalli Jasuli and S. Kunanlan are imports from Indonesia and India respectively

1. dual-nationality means a player can choose which country he wants to play for. Mahalli may have Indonesian parents but he is Malaysian born and bred
2. I never knew that Kajang was in India. can someone enlighten me on this? 

Monday, December 20, 2010


wtf did I do to deserve this?

fuh...baru balik dari aussie ni, rasa cam x puas lak. biasa la kan, duduk negeri orang, mesti la semua nak try, kan?

ok, back to home now

aku ingat dah balik Malaysia ni, lagi ok la hidup aku (memandangkan Malaysia baru kalahkan Viet silap, Vietnam 2-0 time flight balik), tapi makin hampeh ada la
kat sana aku dapat AUS$100 nak buat belanja. bila tinggal lebih kurang 45 tu, aku jumpa t-shirt Quiksilver yang smart. tengok harga $40. x jadi aku beli. bila balik Malaysia, mak aku kata "kalau hari tu x cukup duit, mintak la lebih kat mak atau bapak"

wtf? kenapa bila dah balik Malaysia baru nak bagitau? melepas peluang aku nak beli t-shirt tu. dah la cousin-cousin aku sorang dapat $200 ke atas nak belanja

lepas tu, Sabtu lepas ada wedding. ok la, tapi kenapa kena malam, dan bukan ke diorang dah nikah 3 minggu lepas? sapa buat wedding 3 minggu ni? sebab buat malam, aku terpaksa miss 2 perkara ni :
-friendly NS
-Malaysia vs Vietnam

aku bukan nak pergi pun wedding ni, tapi sebab cousin aku gak (dan mak aku paksa), kena la pergi. memang terasa rugi. friendly NS tu NS menang 13-2 (jangan tanya aku kenapa banyak gol), Malaysia vs Vietnam tu lak Malaysia seri, masuk final

dah la minggu ni start balik tusyen. bukan time cuti ni kita kena rehat ke? entah la, semua obses SPM je. bukannya korang mati pun kalau x pass SPM. nak cari kerja, tengok kemahiran korang la. dapat 9A+ pun x guna gak bila mintak kerja jadi chef tapi korang x reti nak masak walau megi pun

this is all just too much!

tusyen? it's a ginormous f***ing disgrace!

 going to tuition during the holidays? it's a Kalou-inspired f***ing disgrace!

game? baik punya. sekarang ni aku memang tengah enjoy main FM2011 (PC), GT5 dengan FIFA 11 kat PS3 aku. syok habis! tapi yang aku misteri sekarang ni, kenapa FIFA 11 PC aku xleh nak main walaupun dah install balik 632784177142952790653 banyak kali? korang yang expert pasal game PC ni boleh tolong aku x? aku rasa sebab game aku lanun la. kat Seremban ni mana nak cari kedai game PC ori?

Sunday, December 5, 2010

let's make it happen

 just needed an excuse to put up these screenshots
let us all achieve our dreams, no matter how impossible it may be

keep believing in yourself

belief is what drives us on

even though it all seems crazy at the time

without belief, we can't achieve anything

anything, and everything

Friday, December 3, 2010

damn... PC version of FIFA 11 is so unstable...guess this is what happens when it's 'lanun' edition 

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

November Review

30 days have gone so fast...

wake me up, when November ends...

ok, cut the sappy stuff now, on to my personal review of the month

November didn't start well for me, I was still bitter with the way my 'friends' treated me on the first Friday after the exams. I was still moody, not really looking forward to see anyone. heck, my best friend at that time was my NASCAR 07 game
so yeah, I continued my NASCAR 07 career. finally won the championship after 3 seasons (to be honest, I let my teammates win in the first 2 seasons, so...). back then it was the only thing that I can trust

anyway, exam results started to come in. not exactly the results I was expecting (like rojak, some overachieving, others underachieving). the only constant was failing add maths (I wish there is a law banning this subject). I didn't expect much, anyway, my preparation was mediocre at best
here comes 11 November. my birthday. I didn't expect everyone to remember it, but I hoped my best friends did. which they did. however, some of my best friends (I won't mention names), didn't remember it. no texts, no calls, no FB posts, nothing. it was kinda depressing to discover this fact

oh yeah, there was this PS3 my bro got for his UPSR results. he got it on the same day the results came out. since we get 1 game each, he picked Call of Duty : Black Ops, and I went for FIFA 11 (never was a fan of PES and never will!). at least I found out what I can do these holidays
the final few days of school were mere formalities. you basically get to decide when you want to come and when to stay home. I did that, enjoyed some peace at home, then going back to school, feeling recharged

nothing much to say about the last day of school, everyone was taking pictures, wishing everyone well during the holidays, those kind of stuff
as for the holidays? games, football, games, football. the usual stuff you would expect, really. except football is more tense than ever before. some of the older guys are more focused towards kicking us instead of the ball. they will deny it, but it's true. they have no professionalism whatsoever, and make decisions through emotions

Friday, November 26, 2010


memandangkan ada cadangan daripada Firdaus untuk buat lagi anugerah ni, aku nak mintak cadangan korang untuk kategori lain yang boleh guna untuk tahun depan punya. tak kisah la mengarut ke tak, janji ada idea. 'Gamer of the Year' ke, 'Guitar Hero of the Year' ke, tak kisah la

btw, aku dah ada idea untuk anugerah bulanan, nak cari psd file je. stay tuned!

Thursday, November 25, 2010

The Golden Skateboards Award

The Golden Skateboards Award was launched in 2010, from the brainchild of a mightily bored 16 year old teenager who had nothing to do during his holidays. This award honours (in some cases, dishonours) those who have accomplished great things in the past year. Each winner gets to take home a, yep, you guessed it, a golden skateboard, as shown below

The skateboard is also known as 'Skatie' among the winners. Each year, five candidates are chosen for each category, and the public must vote for who they think deserves the award the most. As previously mentioned, this award may or may not be a good thing for the winners

Right, let's move on to the categories, candidates and winners

Football Referee of the Year
Howard Webb
Martin Atkinson
Subkhiddin Salleh
Ben Williams
That guy in orange

Ben Williams - by a huge landslide. Though he was probably voted by sarcastic Malaysian fans, since about 99.99% of his votes came from Malaysia

Couple of the Year
Aniq & Farahin
Hisan & Shira
Nadzirah & Amalina
Amir & FIFA 10 PC
Kana & Nikhil

Kana & Nikhil - by, well, everyone. A perfect couple, mischiefs coming from those two, who could possibly deserve this award more than them?

Team of the Year
Manchester United
Pittsburgh Steelers
Yokohama F. Marinos
Niners FC
Felda United

Niners FC - who, despite being underprepared, short-handed and lacking in match fitness, this team still managed to play well in the two matches they competed in, though the less said about the amount of goals they conceded, the better

Class of the Year
Archie Andrews' class

4 ABK - overall, they have achieved a lot of records for the school : Most Active in Co-Curricular Activities, Most Students in Top 10 of Whole Form, 'The Teachers Are Pissed Off Because of Our Jackasses' Award, Loudest Class Award. An obvious winner

Player of the Year

Cakip - as no one can touch him on the pitch. If you do, expect his boot in your face, head, ribs, legs or groin

Blog of the Year (personal)

Azally - frequently updated, a lot of photos, just what you expect of a blog

Blog of the Year (sports)
From The Marbles
Malaysia Sports' Loose Cannon
Dirty Tackle
Big League Stew
FourFourTwo blog

Dirty Tackle - the best sports blog voted by the public, citing features as 'The Continental', 'Random musings of footballers before they fall asleep...' and 'Artur Boruc's Friday Rage List' as the main attraction. Now where's that mayonnaise I had in the fridge...

Noob of the Year
Dik M

Izham - an obvious choice by the voters, with 99% of the votes going for him. Rumours are abound that Izham secretly voted for himself for this award

And that concludes this year's Golden Skateboards Award. If you have any suggestions for any future awards, or think that your favourite should have won, feel free to leave a comment on this post or in the shoutbox

Until we meet again

this post does not intend to disgrace anyone in any way (okay, maybe we wanted to disgrace some of them). if you happen to be offended by this post, we suggest that you get a life. it's a gag post, people. if you lack a sense of humour, that's your problem, not ours

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Ref Kayu

Malaysia vs China

Ben Williams, 12th man China

dari kick-off lagi kita dah nampak ref ni bias. main baru seminit. ada ke patut Mahalli Jasuli kena kad kuning? orang foul awal camtu kena warning je cukup la

minit ke-25, Mahalli kena kad kuning keduanya. perasan tak masa dia sepak bola tu keluar, masa dia 'tak puas hati', belakang dia dah ada bola bergolek, yang ballpicker nak bagi pemain China tu? aku rasa Mahalli nak bagi balik kat ballpicker bola tu

tup tup, kena kad merah. pemain Malaysia pun, apa lagi, protes la. first half kena kad merah, pasal benda kecik camni. Safiq Rahim, sebagai kapten, pergi la protes kat referee tu. tak pasal-pasal kena kad merah! baru cakap je, belum foul lagi

maknanya Malaysia dari awal kena main 9 orang, nak lawan 12 pemain China. letih la camni. tapi memang aku applaud la semangat juang harimau kita, 9 orang pun tak bolos first half

tapi, kalau dah main 9 orang tu, lama-lama bolos la gak. 2 gol berturut-turut menghancurkan harapan Malaysia nak at least seri. dah la striker takde. bila dah minit ke-70+, S.Kunanlan jatuhkan sorang player China dalam kotak. aku dah jerit, "aahhh, bagi je la penalti lepas ni". tengok betul lak tekaan aku. dah la penalti, Kuna kena kad kuning kedua, terus merah, off! aku memang tahan marah je time tu. kalau tak, memang banyak benda hancur kat rumah aku semalam

penalti tu masuk, 3-0. memang dah takleh kejar la lepas ni. tapi, walaupun kalah, Malaysia tetap layak ke pusingan kedua sebagai antara pasukan tempat ketiga yang terbaik. masalahnya sekarang, Malaysia tinggal 15 orang pemain je. yup, 15. 11 + 4 sub. kalau menang ni memang miracle la. bukan apa, skuad Malaysia ni dah kecik sangat, backup pun dah takde
tapi aku yakin, kalau ikut prestasi dengan semangat semalam. memang boleh menang lawan Iran nanti

Malaysia kalah bukan sebab prestasi hampeh ke, China terer ke, tapi sebab Ben Williams ni bodoh

oh ya, aku ada cakap tak takde sorang pun pemain China kena kad, sedangkan Malaysia aku rasa Khairul Fahmi sorang je tak kena kad kuning?


Saturday, November 13, 2010

Random mumblings of a footballer before he plays FIFA

Time for the disgraces. First, my defensive partner has scored more goals in the past week than I have. That's an embarrassing f***ing disgrace. Then, the mosquitoes have been targeting me at school. That's an itchy f***ing disgrace. Later, I discovered that my friends went off somewhere without telling me. That's a backstabbing f***ing disgrace. On the pitch, this idiot started getting mad at me because I made contact with his leg when I blocked his shot. That's a wimpy f***ing disgrace. Then, I realized I was wearing blue. That's a colourblind f***ing disgrace. I then had to cut my hair short because the school won't let me keep it long. That's a disciplinary f***ing disgrace. Then, there was this referee who probably thought his whistle was a vuvuzela and cost us a win in a cup final. That's...that's a...

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Daud Archulater

'why do I keep running from the truth...'

the truth hurts...
it's not what you want to hear...
the truth...
makes you feel worse than you already are...
it's better to live in lies...
it makes you feel better...
it makes you feel confident...
honesty is not always the best policy...

Friday, November 5, 2010

kebodohan FAM (Football Association Mangkuk)

aku list je la senang, takyah citer panjang-panjang

1. selamatkan Pahang dari kena turun masuk Liga Premier berkali-kali
2. sekejap bagi import main, sekejap tak bagi. konsisten la sikit woi!
3. selalu benar tukar format liga. aku dah konfius dah ni
4. dah elok main selasa dengan sabtu, nak main isnin dengan jumaat lak. kata nak bagi ramai orang datang tengok. kot pilih hari-hari ni makin sikit datang agaknya
5. tukar format Piala Sumbangsih, semata-mata nak tolong Selangor (original format : juara Piala FA vs juara Piala Malaysia, juara Piala Malaysia main kat home)
6. overcharge tiket final, alasan nak lagi prestij. cam sama je aku tengok...
7. orang FAM fikirkan jawatan masing-masing je
8. duit yang dikutip selama ni masuk poket orang FAM
9. x reti nak galakkan team cari sponsor sendiri, yang dah ada sponsor tu suruh lak share ruang kat jersi dengan TM yang sponsor setahun bukannya banyak sangat pun
10. tak reti nak manage bolasepak Malaysia

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

main taman je ke? cara ko cakap tu, aku bajet ko main taraf world cup

situasi 1 :
korang adalah defender. bila bola dekat dengan korang, mesti korang nak clear kan? dan kalau bola tu 50-50, nasib la kalau kaki berlaga kan? nampaknya aku silap. ada sekali tu aku nak clear bola, paras dada. aku nak clear ke tepi. pastu ada abang ni (bajet rambut idris karim power la sangat), datang nak shoot bola. aku nampak dia last minit, aku tarik balik kaki aku, dia dapat shoot, tapi melayang ke mana ntah. pastu boleh suruh aku jaga kaki aku. ko datang dari belakang mana aku nak nampak ko, mangkuk. itu pun nasib baik aku tarik kaki aku, kalau tak dah ada kesan stud dah kat keting ko

situasi 2 :
korang adalah wing-back. tugas korang ialah jaga kat bahagian wing tu. korang kalau dapat attack mesti nak kejar bola kan? aku buat tu la. pastu bola 50-50 lagi, aku masuk nak control bola, tunjuk la kaki aku. tapi aku nampak mamat ni cam nak berlaga dengan aku, aku tarik kaki aku, ingat nak tolak bola bagi lepas dia. pastu dia boleh tajak aku kat peha? aku pun keluar la bunyi 'uk', sebab sakit (ye la, kitorang main guna but). abang kat situasi 1 tu cakap 'jangan la berlakon'. berlakon pala hotak ko. nak kena tajak kat peha sekali aku boleh je bagi. pastu bola kat tanah, aku dapat bola, lepas 2 orang defender, shoot, kena tiang, keluar. aku nak masuk balik posisi aku, terdengar lak mamat tu kata aku main jahat. ye ke? tak pernah aku dengar orang yang kena tajak tu yang main jahat. aku rasa kalau main pro ni, dia dah kena kad kuning dah

kesimpulannya, diorang ni pemain taman. diorang bukannya pemain taraf world cup, yang takleh disentuh langsung. kalau tak nak kena sentuh, gi la main badminton ke, tenis ke, golf ke. senang sikit hidup aku 

Friday, October 29, 2010

are you sick of feeling so left out?

ditching humanity, trying my luck with dumb AI from NASCAR 07. at least they're more trustworthy

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Exam Blog

setiap hari aku akan mengupdate blog ni pasal exam, pendapat aku pasal paper pagi tersebut

let's roll...
Rabu, 13/10
BM - boleh la, x senang sangat, x susah sangat. paling leceh time jawab bahagian prosa tradisional. soalan : 'Jika anda Indera Nata, apakah yang akan anda lakukan terhadap 7 orang puteri dan bonda yang menangis hingga ke tengah malam?'. nak je aku letak 'Saya akan tengok je, gelak, amik gambar, masuk Facebook'. bangang tul soalan...

Khamis, 14/10
SJ - pergh, boleh tahan la gak kertas dia. bahagian subjektif tu ok, dapat jawab la gak (mana yang x dapat tu ditibai dengan jawapan yang logik). sampai nak pengsan. x sure ni betul ke x

BI (Paper 1) - my favourite...hehe. walaupun x berapa reti buat format surat x rasmi, tapi ayat-ayat yang aku guna memang mantop, dapat la cover gak yang tu. ada subliminal message pasal NS agaknya cikgu hapsah perasan x...yang continuous writing tu memang gempak la aku buat. jawab soalan nombor 2 tu, 15 perenggan aku buat, kul 2.25 kot siap. kalau x dapat A+ gak x tau la...

Jumaat, 15/10
BI (Paper 2) - agak menyusahkan sikit di sini, bahagian awal-awal tu senang, sampai literature je...adesss...x tau apa nak tulis. kebanyakan jawapan ditulis mengikut akal logik berdasarkan poem atau short story tersebut. yang ni pun ada gak soalan bangang. "If you were in Lucy's shoes, what would you say to Miss Broome?" aku nak je jawab "F**k off you b***h. This is my f***ing job, and I want you to f***ing go to hell. Rot in hell, devil b***h!" (di-censor untuk menjaga ke-PG13-an blog ni)

Sabtu, 16/10
recharging my batteries, get set for monday

Ahad, 17/10
study + relax + bola, penting untuk prepare-kan diri untuk exam esok

Isnin, 18/10
Math (overall) - aku rasa yang 50-50. ada yang susah sampai pecah kepala nak fikir, ada yang tengok je dah tau apa jawapan dia. tapi kenapa la nak masuk circles dengan volume of solids? dah setahun x belajar, tetiba masuk balik. nasib baik dapat kertas formula tu...

Agama (Kertas 2) - yang ni aku undecided sikit, sebab banyak guna kbkk nak jawab. aku dah la x ingat hadis yang soalan 1b tu. nasib baik aku ter-flash back bahagian perpaduan tu (betul kan hadis tu?), at least xde la kosong je jawapan tu. jawi pun agak 50-50 sebab dah lama x tulis jawi

Selasa, 19/10
Bio (P1 & P2) - agak memeningkan gak kertas ni tadi, akpa yang aku baca x semua masuk. nasib baik aku dapat ingat bahagian osmosis dengan yang phospholipid bilayer sikit. yang lain? taram bin tembak je gamak eh...

Sivik - no komen. mengacau momentum menjawab bio je, timing x betul kertas ni

Rabu, 20/10
Add Math (overall) - need. suicide. pill. now

update : gila x best rabu ni. add math + ns kalah = @#$#@@$!!!!!!

Khamis, 21/10
Chemistry (Paper 3) - a.k.a 'chemist jer', bak kata kawan aku ni. experiment ni memang susah nak jawab, especially bila dah lama x buat lab report. bahagian calculate mole of ion tu bukannya sentuh pun...

Jumaat, 22/10
Agama (Kertas 1) - 50-50. ada yang senag, ada yang susah. ada yang aku x jawab pun. preparation time study memang out la, ustazah suruh kitorang 'baca semua'. maut la camtu, last minit baru dapat hint mana yang keluar. tapi x sempat la nak baca yang keluar tu...

Isnin, 25/10
Physics - Paper by paper breakdown

Paper 1 - gila susah! banyak nak kena kira mengira lak, boleh mati camni. dah la soalan berbelit-belit, terus x tau mana formula nak kena guna

Paper 2 - love it. paling bersemangat buat paper ni sebab soalan dia cam senang je. tapi ingat, 'cam senang'. maybe tetiba nanti jawapan yang dia nak lain pulak, parah aku

Paper 3 - eksperimen-vaganza. ni yang aku fikir 50-50. bahagian buat eksperimen sendiri tu aku agak je ikut logik. bak kata cikgu aku, "just use 'agakan method'"

Selasa, 26/10
Chemistry (Paper 1 & 2) - gila la. boleh tahan gak susah dia. dah la dia punya benda semua lebih kurang sama je. calculations? aku buat satu je, lain semua biar kosong/agak-agak je. memang mantop la markah chemistry aku camni

PJK - waste of time. aku terfikir camner cikgu kucai nak tanda sebab kitorang x guna kertas OMR nak jawab. memang poor planning la on our part. nak mintak duit ekstra beli kertas? sori la, jangan harap. ramai bebudak kelas aku ni, McDonald's, KFC, wayang, Nike, Adidas mahal-mahal semua tu boleh bayar terus. ni mintak benda yang kurang dari RM5 pun liat. cikgu mintak pun x semua bayar on the spot

Rabu, 27/10
Biology (Paper 3) - pasal eksperimen je, tapi aku x berapa prepare sangat. aku dah kena misinformation. kawan aku cakap yeast dengan vitamin c keluar, last-last aerobic respiration dengan food energy lak keluar. nasib baik chapter betul, dapat la gak jawab




Wednesday, September 22, 2010

yea man

dah bersawang blog aku ni...punyalah lama x update

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

wavin' flag

memandangkan bulan Ogos ni bulan Malaysia merdeka, kelas-kelas di KGV mula la mempamerkan kekreativitian mereka menghias kelas. dari minggu lepas aku duk snap gambar kelas-kelas form 4 (x semua la, obviously)

4 silap, 4 ABK

tapi aku x tau camner yang ni boleh masuk tema Merdeka...
 bak kata P. Ramlee, "Macam setan kan?"

Gambar 4 Alau
 antara favourites aku ni kelas diorang la. ada peluang besar nak menang, ceria je aku tengok

4 Hish 
 aku sempat amik satu ni je, maklum la aku malas nak naik tangga tu...hehe. style gak diorang ikat ni dari kelas diorang sampai kat pokok sebelah tu

meh tengok 4 Muz

apa yang aku suka pasal kelas ni ialah...
 ...benda ni. penuh dengan tandatangan diorang (with side commentary by penkek, eh silap, lempeng (ikut sumber aku la), tapi diorang balas balik). really nice touch

akhirnya, kelas 'paling ceria', 4 Isk

at least diorang ni warga Hobin Jang Hobin, so kalau aku jadi judge, aku bagi diorang menang sebab ada bendera NS bebanyak tu


Selamat Menyambut Hari Kemerdekaan Yang Ke-53!  Aum Aum Aum!


connection Streamyx sekarang makin bangang kat rumah aku ni. silap-silap nanti aku jadi cam Namewee lak, tapi di mana dia kutuk kerajaan, aku lak kutuk TM dan Streamyx 


esok sekolah la pulak...baru nak merasa cuti...

Thursday, August 26, 2010

how i unstalked my stalker :p

aku rasa gambar ni boleh menceritakan segalanya yang berlaku sabtu lepas

Monday, August 23, 2010

cabaran berpuasa di 4 malang

memang parah wei...dah la kelas bising, tension je manjang

faktor-faktor kesusahan :
1. kelas bising
2. kafir selamba je minum depan orang berpuasa
3. diorang pun selamba je tayang makanan depan kitorang
4. pastu makan dengan selambanya dalam kelas (walaupun ada cikgu)
5. konsentrasi tergugat bila diorang citer apa diorang (nak) makan...dah la bising

 ada sesiapa perasan bentuk atas ni cam piramid x? :p

Friday, August 6, 2010

malang gila nasbiku

This following event takes place between 1500 - 1700 hours

Kronologi hari Khamis, 5/8/2010

1500 - habis solat zohor, keluar surau sekolah
1503 - masih mencari kasut yang main sorok-sorok
1507 - give up cari, amik saiz 6 yang sama style and brand setelah melihat surau kosong dan xde orang claim kasut tu
1520 - sampai kat terminal
1530 - cityliner x sampai, naik united
1540 - united x jalan lagi, cityliner masuk
1542 - aku dan nazrul berpakat bakar united kalau cityliner jalan dulu
1545 - $@%*!!! cityliner jalan dulu!
1550 - jalan gak akhirnya
1557 - nazrul "agaknya kalau naik cityliner, dah sampai tempat ko turun, mir"
1615 - sampai kat mobil, nak jalan sampai rumah dengan kasut undersized
1628 - x tahan melecet, cabut kasut, buang kat tepi rumah nadzirah kat 1/3 (sori nad!)
1629 - berkaki ayam dari 1/3 ke 1/5
1631 - sampai rumah
1634 - tukar baju, gi ijan
1642 - order double cheese
1651 - dapat burger
1657 - sampai rumah, tengok cheeseburger lak, padahal mintak double cheese
1659 - burger habis
1700 - minum air, fikirkan kenapa nasib aku malang sangat hari ni

note : kalau korang ingat Jack Bauer ada dalam blog ni, fikir balik. aku saja je guna logo '24' tu 

Monday, August 2, 2010


impossible is nothing. aku tukar sponsor dari Streamyx ke AirAsia sebab Streamyx sekarang cam laknat kat rumah aku

Daus, gambar bawah ni special untuk kau

Sunday, July 18, 2010

if Malaysia host the World Cup

the ticket prices will soar

standard cup final ticket

 Group D match between nobodies

and when South Africa have vuvuzelas...

we'll have caklempongs in stadiums

we'll also have choke blood prices for stuff during the world cup (korang faham x choke blood ni apa?)

the official song will be 'Sambal Sambal' by Shakira