Wednesday, December 29, 2010

immature mentality

enough is enough, I suppose

ever since we won 3-0 against Indonesia, some immature Indonesians have attacked Malaysian pages on Facebook, hacked our websites, and (according to a source) misled the world into hating Malaysia

this is just a game, okay? no need to get too riled up over it

they say we cheat. how? did we do a Maradona? did we Cristiano Ronaldo all over the place? so some of our fans (immature, I might add) shone lasers onto your goalkeeper. fine, you may have a point if the goals came from set pieces BEFORE the 'walk-off'. but since we scored AFTER the incident, this theory holds no water whatsoever

if you insist, here's a video showing who started the laser show first :


so yeah, you guys started it. but we never complained, we blamed defensive frailties for the goals. we must be professional in accepting defeat

my school has been organizing student exchange programs with Indonesia. if I was picked to be among those students, I would be wary. there are nutjobs who are out to kill Malaysians, especially after this

on the claims we use bomohs and itching powder, I shall strike these down with 2 points :

1. if Malaysia have been using bomohs, wouldn't we be winning the World Cup for a few times now?
2. surely the itching powder must have affected our custodian, Khairul Fahmi Che Mat at some point during the game?

these accusations are totally baseless. I would like to reiterate that this is just a game. no need to make death threats or anything

I understand that not all Indonesians are like this. in fact, some of them are quite nice. but these morons certainly tarnish the image of their fellow countrymen, which I think is unfair

did we make any noise when we lost 5-1? no, right? so we expect the same from you guys

let us just get on with the game

peace out

UPDATE : I am of the knowledge that certain reports say that Mahalli Jasuli and S. Kunanlan are imports from Indonesia and India respectively

1. dual-nationality means a player can choose which country he wants to play for. Mahalli may have Indonesian parents but he is Malaysian born and bred
2. I never knew that Kajang was in India. can someone enlighten me on this? 

Monday, December 20, 2010


wtf did I do to deserve this?

fuh...baru balik dari aussie ni, rasa cam x puas lak. biasa la kan, duduk negeri orang, mesti la semua nak try, kan?

ok, back to home now

aku ingat dah balik Malaysia ni, lagi ok la hidup aku (memandangkan Malaysia baru kalahkan Viet silap, Vietnam 2-0 time flight balik), tapi makin hampeh ada la
kat sana aku dapat AUS$100 nak buat belanja. bila tinggal lebih kurang 45 tu, aku jumpa t-shirt Quiksilver yang smart. tengok harga $40. x jadi aku beli. bila balik Malaysia, mak aku kata "kalau hari tu x cukup duit, mintak la lebih kat mak atau bapak"

wtf? kenapa bila dah balik Malaysia baru nak bagitau? melepas peluang aku nak beli t-shirt tu. dah la cousin-cousin aku sorang dapat $200 ke atas nak belanja

lepas tu, Sabtu lepas ada wedding. ok la, tapi kenapa kena malam, dan bukan ke diorang dah nikah 3 minggu lepas? sapa buat wedding 3 minggu ni? sebab buat malam, aku terpaksa miss 2 perkara ni :
-friendly NS
-Malaysia vs Vietnam

aku bukan nak pergi pun wedding ni, tapi sebab cousin aku gak (dan mak aku paksa), kena la pergi. memang terasa rugi. friendly NS tu NS menang 13-2 (jangan tanya aku kenapa banyak gol), Malaysia vs Vietnam tu lak Malaysia seri, masuk final

dah la minggu ni start balik tusyen. bukan time cuti ni kita kena rehat ke? entah la, semua obses SPM je. bukannya korang mati pun kalau x pass SPM. nak cari kerja, tengok kemahiran korang la. dapat 9A+ pun x guna gak bila mintak kerja jadi chef tapi korang x reti nak masak walau megi pun

this is all just too much!

tusyen? it's a ginormous f***ing disgrace!

 going to tuition during the holidays? it's a Kalou-inspired f***ing disgrace!

game? baik punya. sekarang ni aku memang tengah enjoy main FM2011 (PC), GT5 dengan FIFA 11 kat PS3 aku. syok habis! tapi yang aku misteri sekarang ni, kenapa FIFA 11 PC aku xleh nak main walaupun dah install balik 632784177142952790653 banyak kali? korang yang expert pasal game PC ni boleh tolong aku x? aku rasa sebab game aku lanun la. kat Seremban ni mana nak cari kedai game PC ori?

Sunday, December 5, 2010

let's make it happen

 just needed an excuse to put up these screenshots
let us all achieve our dreams, no matter how impossible it may be

keep believing in yourself

belief is what drives us on

even though it all seems crazy at the time

without belief, we can't achieve anything

anything, and everything

Friday, December 3, 2010

damn... PC version of FIFA 11 is so unstable...guess this is what happens when it's 'lanun' edition 

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

November Review

30 days have gone so fast...

wake me up, when November ends...

ok, cut the sappy stuff now, on to my personal review of the month

November didn't start well for me, I was still bitter with the way my 'friends' treated me on the first Friday after the exams. I was still moody, not really looking forward to see anyone. heck, my best friend at that time was my NASCAR 07 game
so yeah, I continued my NASCAR 07 career. finally won the championship after 3 seasons (to be honest, I let my teammates win in the first 2 seasons, so...). back then it was the only thing that I can trust

anyway, exam results started to come in. not exactly the results I was expecting (like rojak, some overachieving, others underachieving). the only constant was failing add maths (I wish there is a law banning this subject). I didn't expect much, anyway, my preparation was mediocre at best
here comes 11 November. my birthday. I didn't expect everyone to remember it, but I hoped my best friends did. which they did. however, some of my best friends (I won't mention names), didn't remember it. no texts, no calls, no FB posts, nothing. it was kinda depressing to discover this fact

oh yeah, there was this PS3 my bro got for his UPSR results. he got it on the same day the results came out. since we get 1 game each, he picked Call of Duty : Black Ops, and I went for FIFA 11 (never was a fan of PES and never will!). at least I found out what I can do these holidays
the final few days of school were mere formalities. you basically get to decide when you want to come and when to stay home. I did that, enjoyed some peace at home, then going back to school, feeling recharged

nothing much to say about the last day of school, everyone was taking pictures, wishing everyone well during the holidays, those kind of stuff
as for the holidays? games, football, games, football. the usual stuff you would expect, really. except football is more tense than ever before. some of the older guys are more focused towards kicking us instead of the ball. they will deny it, but it's true. they have no professionalism whatsoever, and make decisions through emotions